Testing UAV grounding device (popular drones

Rogue drones rifle testing

Posted by Nacionalni klaster bespilotnih letelica on Четвртак, 11. јануар 2018.

“Rifle” against rogue drones

Flying billboard – innovation by our member

Welcome to the Summit participants


The members of racing club were also with us.

Our participation on the Air Force summit

Panel on UAV started with real time video transmission via protected channel

Discussion was continued by demonstration of the map of approved flights

Information on N1 TV

What are the chances of aircraft industry development in Serbia?

Air Force summit of South Eastern Europe it is being held in Belgrade gathering professionals and experts from the entire…

Skyper 320 UAV designed and manufactured in Serbia

“Skyper 320” UAV is designed for forest fire monioring and suppresion, as well as monitoring of health status of forest and game.