About Cluster

National cluster of Unmanned Aircrafts Vehicles (UAV) and affiliates sectors is civil and non for profit organization established in order to support sustainable development and use of UAV in Serbia and abroad.

Cluster represents a group of private and public subjects sharing common goals, capacities, resources and defined plans and schedules towards their completion.

Cluster objectives:

  • Active participation in establishing of national system and improvement of regulations in order to create optimal conditions for development of UAV industry and work of manufacturers and users
  • Improvement of sustained development in and management of UAV in accordance with international standards
  • Development and application of scientific achievements in aeronautics and environment protection
  • Creating a network of stakeholders with interest in UAV from corporative, public and civil sector
  • Educating about the proper use of UAVs
  • Establishing international cooperation

In order to fulfill it’s goals cluster shall:

  • Provide communication infrastructure information system and marketing supports
  • Organize expert conferences, seminars, camps and other form of education
  • Publishes books, scientific papers and other publications
  • Organize service activities for its members

Members and partners of the Cluster are proven professionals from various fields – UAV constructors, manufacturers, pilots, modelers, videographers, architects, road designers, agriculture, forestry, water management, ecology and electricity industry.

Professionals from the fields of project management, marketing, information technology, economics and law also have an active participation in the work of the Cluster and in providing support for the activities of the Cluster, manufacturers and pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles.

A member of the Cluster can be any legal entity or entrepreneur, who accepts the objectives and Statute of the Cluster.

Membership is voluntary.

Here you can download the Cluster Statute

Potential members can join CLICK HERE